July 1, 2022

My phone is my life: my music, notifications, and endless distractions are all controlled through my favorite Android phone. While phone batteries get better every year, there’s no denying that we all start feeling that creeping anxiety whenever that little percentage in the status bar drops below 30%. So whether you lost your old charger, it finally died after one too many yanks on the cord, or you just need an extra to ensure that you’re never stranded with a dead phone, these USB-C Power Delivery chargers are the best phone chargers for charging at home, at work, or any errant coffee bar you find yourself holed up in while that storm passes.

So what are the best fast USB-C phone chargers?

Single port or multi-port: How to pick the best phone charger 

There’s a lot of features and priorities to try and juggle when picking a new phone charger, but here’s the easiest way to narrow down your search quickly: how many devices do you need to charge at one time? If all you need is something to plug your phone into the wall, you can grab yourself the Anker Nano or Aukey Minima and get on with your day. Both are super-small and durable, and they should last you through at least two phones so long as you don’t yeet ’em out a window or step on one accidentally. Anker has color choices, and Aukey has folding prongs, so both are winners.