July 4, 2022

Samsung fans have finally entered the modern smartphone age — the age of phones with no headphone jack. Unless you use wireless headphones or have that odd pair of USB-C earbuds, you’re going to need an adapter to get the most out of your new Galaxy S20 or S21 with your favorite set of cans. The dongle life can be cumbersome, so we give you options to pick the adapter that fits your needs, whether you need a long cord or short, a fixed dongle or flexible, and even some surprising options that will give you the most flexibility. These are the best USB-C audio adapters for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21.

Living La Vida Adapter

It’s time to face the music, dongle in hand. Headphone ports are gone from the best Android phones like the Galaxy S21, and they are never coming back. We can cry about it, we can buy a set of wireless earbuds that we’ll lose, or we can suck it up and get an adapter or two to fill in the gap between our phone and our favorite set of headphones. Of course, we’ll want to charge while we listen, so our favorite adapter is the Accguys 2-in-1 USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter. You get a standard headphone port, a USB-C port for power or accessories, all in a sleek package. Plus, the Accguys adapter also features a digital audio chip, so it doesn’t just transmit an analog signal. It gives you the highest quality digital signal that a USB-C port can transmit.

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