August 17, 2022

Tello is a unique carrier in that it doesn’t have a traditional set of plans. Instead, the best Tello plans can be customized for each person. This includes choosing how many texts and minutes they want, plus data. Tello operates on the T-Mobile network with access to 5G, including the faster mid-band connection. 

While you don’t need to commit to it, Tello has created some packages to get you started. The Data plan with unlimited talk, text, and data will be a great fit for many smartphone users thanks to its recently-lowered price.

Find a good starting point for your Tello plan

(Image credit: Samuel Contreras)

Tello Data

Just keep streaming

Reasons to buy


Service on T-Mobile’s massive 5G network


Upgrade your plan at any time


International calling to 60+ countries


Tethering included

Reasons to avoid

Unlimited is actually 25GB

No multi-line discounts