June 29, 2022

The best tablets and large-screened smartphones are designed for your fingers to navigate menus and screens, type, select, and more. But you can also use the best stylus for Android phones and tablets to do all of the above. A stylus offers better precision, particularly with tasks like coloring, jotting down digital notes, or selecting items in a detailed document. They’re beneficial for those with large hands, fingers, and/or thumbs who find it difficult to manipulate small text on the screen. The absolute best option for a Samsung Galaxy device is an S Pen Pro, but if you’re looking for an alternative or have another tablet brand or smartphone, there are alternatives worth considering, too.

Scribble away with these clever and comfy styli

There’s a big difference between a stylus and an S Pen

The best stylus for Android runs the gamut of options and features. If you own a Samsung Galaxy tablet, smartphone, laptop, or even the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, you’ll want to stick with Samsung’s own very excellent S Pen Pro.

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