July 4, 2022

Our yellow sun is what gives Superman his powers, so of course, it can also keep your phone charged while you’re on the go! It’s almost weird, right? Using nature to keep technology working. Keep in mind that while the sun is very powerful, it will not charge a solar battery bank/charger or your phone as quickly as a wall outlet can. You will have to be patient with these. But, what a beautiful melding of the old and the new! Whether you are camping or are dealing with a power outage, you don’t have access to an outlet then grab a solar charger and take advantage of the biggest battery Earth has!

(Image credit: Anker)

Anker 515 Solar Charging Panel

Power from the sun

Reasons to buy


Three USB ports to charge from.


24W of solar power


Small footprint when folded

Reasons to avoid

Needs a lot of space when unfolded

Could be heavy on long hikes

When you need to power your gadgets but don’t want to deal with another battery to get the juice you need, a powerful solar panel is the way to go. Anker makes excellent charging products and the 515 Solar Panel Charger fits in well. This 24W, 3 port USB charger is very thin (1.97 inches folded or 0.16 open) and comes in at just over two pounds.  While it isn’t the lightest and most compact charging solar panel, it will be lighter than carrying an extra battery.