August 14, 2022

Samsung isn’t just the biggest phone manufacturer in the world. It consistently makes incredible phones with outstanding hardware design and reliable software. By and large, its 2021 phones, from flagships to $100 budget phones, delivered consistently high quality, and are still worth buying today. 

But Samsung’s new 2022 Galaxy phones top even the best Samsung offered in 2021, with the Galaxy S22 Plus as our current favorite. From premium foldables to cheap budget models, we’ve tested and reviewed (opens in new tab) these great Samsung phones to ensure they are your best bet.

These are the best Samsung phones for any budget

(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Divinemercy)

Best overall

Reasons to buy


Gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED panel


Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with Sub-6 and mmWave


Reliable cameras


Five years of updates including platform upgrades until Android 16


45W fast charging

Reasons to avoid

Gets a little warm when gaming

No microSD slot

No bundled charger