May 24, 2022

No matter how beautiful your shiny new Galaxy S22 Plus is, it won’t stay beautiful should it slip out of your hands onto rough asphalt or unforgiving stone. Grip and impact absorption are the only cures, and to get both, you need a top-notch case. Thankfully, we have the best Galaxy S22 Plus cases for you right here for you to pick from.

These Galaxy S22 Plus cases offer protection and functionality

The best Galaxy S22 Plus cases balance size and security

Your Samsung Galaxy S22+ could last you five years if you treat it right, which is why your case needs to be protective above all else. That doesn’t mean you need to go fully heavy-duty with the Supcase UB Pro or Armadillotek Series V — though both are wonderfully sturdy cases with wide, steady kickstands — more compact cases like the Ringke Onyx and Spigen Liquid Air can add grip and air cushion impact protection.