June 28, 2022

Samsung has done it again, as the Galaxy S22 lineup aims to take over the smartphone world over the next year. The company is back with three different models to choose from, and you’ll need to pair it with the best accessories. As more and more people are getting back on the road, it’s time to find the best Galaxy S22 car mounts available, regardless of which model you end up getting.

The best car mounts for the Galaxy S22 

Picking the best Galaxy S22 car mount is easy

The iOttie Easy One Touch car mount remains our favorite pick, as it’s simply just one of the best car mounts out there. You don’t have to deal with a frustrating installation, as the company offers different versions based on whether you are mounting your phone to the window, dashboard, or even a CD player. Then, you can press the button and have the arms automatically close in on your phone, creating the perfect convenient mount while you’re on the road.