August 17, 2022

The Galaxy S20 comes with its own plastic screen protector, but it’s not of great quality. With a new phone, you need the most protection to keep it from scratches and dings. If you want the best possible experience, you should consider upgrading to a better quality screen protector that also works with the ultrasonic screen protector. Here are the best Galaxy S20 screen protectors available on the market.

Protect your device with the best S20 screen protector

Film screen protectors will serve you best

As we learned with the Galaxy S10, tempered glass screen protectors have a nasty habit of interfering with Samsung’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. We’ve included a mix of both tempered glass and TPU film options, but if that in-display fingerprint sensor is a key feature for you, you’re best to stick with the flexible film screen protectors.