June 28, 2022

So you’ve already picked up the best Raspberry Pi kit, but you want to be able to actually see things, so you’ll need to find the best Raspberry Pi screen. Then, of course, you’ll need to find a display to use, regardless of whether you grabbed the Raspberry Pi 4 or even the Raspberry Pi 400. So we’ve rounded up the best options to give your mini computer a display worth using.

Best Raspberry Pi screens

Add a display with the best Raspberry Pi Screens

After you’ve picked up one of the best Raspberry Pi kits, the next move is to secure a great screen. And the Raspberry Pi is no slouch when it comes to video. With the current model supporting dual 4K monitors, it has the power to drive just about any screen. While you’re home, you can use a larger monitor or television, but for something more portable, we like the GeeekPi 7-inch Raspberry Pi Display. If you need a small display for your Raspberry Pi and don’t feel like working through set up files or carrying a special high-power charger to run it, you’ll love it too.

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