May 25, 2022

There may be thousands of games available on PS4 and PS5, even some through backwards compatibility, but not all of them are suitable for children. If you’re looking for something a little more kid-friendly, there are a few notable titles definitely worth your time. Whether you have a younger child or a pre-teen, you’ll want them to play the best games that are age-appropriate. We’ve rounded up some of the best games for kids playable on the latest console, so you don’t need to spend hours browsing the store or the internet.

The best games for kids on PS5


Bugsnax caught a lot of people’s attention when it was first announced, and not just because of its catchy theme song. From the developer of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Bugsnax is a weird tale of half-bug, half-snack creatures living on Snaktooth Island. As a budding young journalist tasked with finding these adorable little creatures, you’ll soon find yourself in over your head as you discover that explorer Lizbert Megafig has gone missing! The other Grumpuses have scattered across the island, and only you can help them return to Snaxburg by finding and collecting Bugsnax.