August 14, 2022

With people struggling to find consoles and stock issues set to continue for some time, those that have snapped up a shiny new PS5 will want to prolong its life as much as possible. Keeping the console cool is an essential part of this. Many PS4 owners will have experienced the loud hum of aging fans towards the end of its life cycle, and while the PS5 generation is still very new, the added power and tech under the hood make cooling the internals of the console even more important. There is a range of external cooling fans available to help the PS5 in this regard, and we’ve gathered the best of them in one place.

The best cooling fans for PS5

Keep your PS5 cool

As we get further into the console generation, cooling will become increasingly important as the PS5 ages. Luckily, there are already many options when it comes to increasing airflow and making sure your console doesn’t get too hot.