August 8, 2022

For the very best VR experience, you might want to consider upgrading to one of the best Meta Quest 2 head strap alternatives. After all, the default Quest 2 fabric strap has more cons than pros. It’s easy to slide on and off, but it absorbs sweat and germs and does nothing to counterbalance the front-heavy design or add cushioning. You can buy the official Elite Strap, but it’s a bit pricey and has had plenty of issues with durability. Thankfully, a few third-party straps offer a much more “elite” alternative for a lower price. Whether you’re looking for more cushioning, a more secure fit, better weight distribution, or other improvements, these are the best Quest 2 straps available.

Keep your head in the game with these Oculus Quest 2 head straps

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Divinemercy)

KIWI Quest 2 elite strap

Better than the official one

Reasons to buy


Easily removable and washable padding


Extremely comfortable


Better distributes the weight of the headset


Secondary hinge allows for granular angle adjustment


Most headphones fit


Stronger construction than the official Elite Strap

Reasons to avoid

Some larger over-ear headphones might not fit

KIWI’s Quest 2 elite strap takes some design cues from Meta’s failed official Elite Strap and improves them in meaningful ways. First off, the construction of KIWI’s elite strap is much sturdier than the one from Meta. In addition, the plastic is thicker without feeling heavier, and the strap itself is quite a bit thicker. The official Elite strap had durability issues, while KIWI built its strap to withstand much more tension.