July 1, 2022

When your pockets are too small — or you don’t have any at all — neckband earbuds are a convenient alternative to wearing larger over-ear or on-ear headphones. They lay around your neck and take away the weight from the earbuds for a more comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a dependable pair, the JBL Live 220BT Wireless are a good place to start when it comes to the best neckband headphones under $100, owing to their exceptional sound, battery life, and comfort.

Source: JBL (Image credit: JBL )

JBL Live 220BT Wireless

Superb sound for the price

Reasons to buy


Great sound quality


Dual device pairing


Ambient and TalkThru modes


Alexa integration


Color options

Reasons to avoid

Comfort could be iffy

Micro-USB charging

JBL made the Live 220BT good enough to stay at the top of our list, mainly because of its superb sound quality. You get a pretty balanced soundstage out of the box that stands out for the right reasons. Bass is present without it being too heavy, while the highs and lows complement each other well.