July 5, 2022

The easiest and safest way to charge your Oculus Quest 2 — especially if you’re planning on charging while you play — is with a magnetic charger. Not only is it easy to pop the charging cable onto your Quest 2 with a satisfying snap, but it’s easy for the cable to safely release if you accidentally snag it with a controller during a particularly grueling VR session. You can use these with your mobile VR headsets, but we mostly recommend them for use with Meta’s Quest family of devices.

To work with a Quest or Quest 2, though, it must support fast data transfer speeds as well as quick charging, making the compatible picks below your best starting point. That’s why our top pick is the Cafele USB-C magnetic adapter; it checks all the boxes.

Getting a better charge

(Image credit: Cafele and Amazon)

Cafele USB-C Magnetic Cable and Tips

Power and data

Reasons to buy


Supports quick charging


Supports data transfer up to 480MB/s


Strong braided construction


Long enough to use with a battery pack

Reasons to avoid

Straight connector (not 90 degrees)