August 8, 2022

Android phones aren’t the only devices that mobile gamers play on. While some games are designed to take advantage of smaller screens, others are decidedly not, especially those that are streamed over the cloud with Xbox Game Pass. That’s where people like to bring a tablet into the fold. Android tablets offer larger screens to view the action, but the downside is that it can be difficult to find the perfect compatible controller.

There aren’t too many controllers designed specifically for tablets since their screens are often over 7 inches diagonally. Even great controllers for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, one of the larger phones on the market, won’t be able to support most tablets. And the few controllers that are built for tablets tend to be not so great. That being said, these are the best controllers we’ve found for tablets, whether that means turning your device into a Nintendo Switch of sorts or propping it up on a stand for tabletop play. 

The best controllers for Android tablets

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