August 8, 2022

Back to school season is in full force, and many students and parents alike are on the hunt for the best Chromebook deals. Unlike traditional laptops, Chromebooks are simple, lightweight, and durable devices that use the web-based Chrome OS operating system. While they aren’t exactly appropriate for things like coding or serious gaming, their simplicity and relatively low cost makes them pretty much ideal for college students and younger users. 

In most cases, late summer is the perfect time to buy a Chromebook since that’s when retailers and tech companies start rolling out their epic back-to-school sales. But how do you choose the best Chromebook for a student? Well, you’ll want to start by thinking about the age of the user. Elementary-age kids, for instance, typically need something lightweight and durable, while college students need something with enough power to handle those long nights of essay writing. 

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you already know that we keep track of the best Chromebook deals all year round, but this guide takes a closer look at devices that are specifically well-suited for students of all ages. If you don’t find what you’re looking for today, feel free to check back later — we’ll be updating this page with new deals all summer long. 

Best student Chromebook deals

Once you pick out an affordable Chromebook, take that money you saved and check out our list of Chromebook accessories for students, where we’ve collected some great options for laptop sleeves, USB cords, headphones, and more. 

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