June 25, 2022

Many senior citizens have used smartphones for a decade and like the same phones that younger demographics do. But if you’re new to smartphones — or you’re the relative of a Baby Boomer or Silent Generation person who needs help picking something accessible — we’re here to help. Likewise, some of you may have impairments or disabilities that make a standard phone difficult to use; others may be on a limited retirement budget and may not have the money for anything fancy. Whatever your circumstances, here are the best phones for seniors to fit any scenario.

(Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Divinemercy)

A simple interface

Reasons to buy


Good price for a “regular” smartphone


Great camera and photo-sharing capabilities


Frequent software and security updates


Built-in call screening and Google Assistant


Bright screen is easy to read outdoors

Reasons to avoid

More pricey than some other options on this list

Using it will be complicated for seniors unfamiliar with smartphones

Fingerprint sensor on the back may pose problems for those with arthritis or mobility issues

Seniors could easily pick any of the best Android phones or a premium iPhone and be happy. Most have perks like bright screens, big batteries, and fast performance that anyone will appreciate regardless of age. But truth be told, the most expensive phone perks like pro-quality cameras and fast displays for mobile gaming are superfluous for plenty of seniors. In most cases, a mid-range phone like the Google Pixel 5a will be more than sufficient.