August 14, 2022

Whether you’re making an all-day road trip or just your normal half-hour commute, the car is the perfect place to top off your shiny, new Android phone. After all, your phone should be stationary in a car mount for Android Auto or stowed away so you’re not tempted to use it while driving. Car chargers come in many styles and shapes, but with the advent of USB-C Power Delivery charging, we now have a widely used standard that can be used for charging a phone or even laptops off the same port. Here are the best car chargers to replenish your battery on the road.

Power Delivery makes the best car chargers better

USB-C Power Delivery is five kinds of awesome, with the best being that it can charge a wider variety of devices at a wider range of speeds. If you want to charge a laptop in your car — hey, it happens more often than you’d think — then you can go overboard with the MANINAM Metal Adaptive USB-C Car Charger and its 45W PD output, but if you’d rather stick with a more well-known brand, Anker’s got you covered with the PowerDrive Speed+ 2 with its 30W PD output.