June 25, 2022

The PS5 has been out for over an entire year now, and while finding one can still prove to be difficult, those who are finally getting their hands on the system are likely looking to grab some must-have accessories. One of those is a Bluetooth adapter, which can give players the ability to utilize wireless audio with their new console. So whether you want to chat with friends without wires or have more freedom to move and stretch while playing, there’s already a handful of choices for Bluetooth adapters. We’ve collected some of the best PS5 Bluetooth adapters available right now, focusing on what works best for the next generation of systems.

Stay connected with these Bluetooth adapters for your PS5

What will you be picking up?

Because the PS5 is still new when compared to older tech like the PS4, the options for Bluetooth adapters aren’t exactly the most diverse. Most of the options you can find were designed for other consoles or devices, but will still work perfectly fine with the PS5. Thankfully, USB-C in the PS5 ensures that many devices should be compatible regardless of their initial design, so even if you pick up a Bluetooth adapter initially made for the Nintendo Switch, the connection to the PS5 is still possible.