July 1, 2022

Choosing the best Android tablet is simple: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series has no rivals for the throne. All three Tab S8s offer blazing speeds, gorgeous visuals, rich audio, durable batteries, and feature-rich software; they’re also too pricy and massive for plenty of buyers. For work, school, casual use, or limited budgets, we’ve gathered all of the best tablet options available.

It’s easy to find the best Android tablet to pick up today

(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Divinemercy)

Best overall Android tablet


Display: 12.4 inches, 2800×1752 (266 ppi)

Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Memory: 8GB RAM, 128 / 256GB storage

Cameras: 3MP AF + 6MP UW, 12MP front

Battery: 10,090mAh

Dimensions: 11.22″ x 7.28″ x 0.22″, 1.27 lb

Colors: Graphite, Silver, Pink Gold

Reasons to buy


QHD AMOLED 120Hz display


S Pen stylus with low latency included


4nm flagship processor


Long battery life


First-party detachable keyboard available


High-quality quad speakers

Reasons to avoid

Expensive if you’re only a casual tablet user

Too large for extended portrait or handheld use

The most important things to have in a full-sized Android tablet are a great screen, loudspeakers, robust build quality, and software that makes use of the extra screen size. That’s what makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ well worth the extra cash for power users — it has a combination of everything.