August 8, 2022

Once upon a time, getting one of the best 100W USB-C chargers meant it would be bulky, expensive, and proprietary. Now with Power Delivery, you can now find 100W chargers, with 160W charging on the way, that will charge even the most powerful laptops quickly and will charge even lower-powered devices like Chromebooks and phones alongside your laptop with ease. The scene is shifting on 100W chargers pretty quickly these days as gallium nitride (GaN) starts making its way into this class of charger.

100W USB-C chargers you should consider buying

What to look for in a 100W Charger: Power Delivery

Aukey USB-C

(Image credit: Aukey)

There are many 100W multi-port chargers out there, but if it doesn’t have Power Delivery, just turn around and walk away. Just walk away! Without a Power Delivery USB-C port that can offer 87W or more — preferably 20V/5A 100W charging if your devices support it — then it’s only useful for charging a bunch of smaller devices, not for charging a laptop while you’re editing or gaming.