August 8, 2022

Are the Pixel Buds Pro water and sweat-proof?

Best answer: Yes, but with limitations. The Pixel Buds Pro are rated for IPX4 water resistance, which means they can withstand light splashes, while the case they come housed in is IPX2 water-resistant, which means they can manage with a bit of moisture. This means they will also be resistant to sweat.

What does the IPX4 and IPX2 rating mean?

As noted, the Google Pixel Buds Pro meet the Ingress Protection (IP) X4 rating for water resistance. This means that, while you can’t take a dunk in the pool or go swimming with them, they can withstand a light splashing of water on all sides. 

Typically, testing involves splashes of about 10 liters of water for about five minutes. Thus, you can comfortably wear them in the rain or while working out as beads of sweat fall down your head.