August 14, 2022

Amazon seems to be constantly releasing new smart speakers, and its latest is also the largest. At 15.6 inches, the Echo Show 15’s picture frame-inspired design begs to be hung on the wall or rested on a countertop. On the other side of the spectrum, Google’s largest smart display to date came out over two years ago, and is still smaller than the latest Echo Show.

However, that doesn’t mean the Nest Hub Max is obsolete. Google Assistant keeps it leading the pack in the intelligence department, as does its excellent hardware. But between these fantastic smart speakers, should you get the Amazon Echo Show 15 or Nest Hub Max? Let’s see if we can help you out with that.

Amazon Echo Show 15 vs. Nest Hub Max: Making use of space

Amazon Echo Show 15

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Divinemercy)

Bigger isn’t always better; what does matter is that the space on offer is utilized. Until the Amazon Echo Show 15 and its 15.6-inch display, many smart display users were perfectly happy with the largest display sizes being 10 inches, which is what the Nest Hub Max offers.