August 14, 2022

Don’t you hate it when you’re away from home but feel the need to check on your pets and family? Sometimes, simple video or phone calls don’t cut it. If it’s a fur-buddy you’re missing, a phone call is literally impossible. The Enabot EBO SE pet camera is the solution to such qualms. It enables you to actually follow a being around owing to the wheels built into the base of the EBO SE pet camera. Amazingly, it’s on sale for an exciting $90 (opens in new tab) this Prime Day, so you can have one for less.

I reviewed the Enabot EBO Air, a similar model, and it was a fantastic little companion device. The Enabot EBO SE is nearly identical, retaining many of the features that I adored in the EBO Air. You get two-way audio communication and a camera for one-way video communication. Just like a robot vacuum, it charges on its own by finding its way to the charging station. All video and image files are stored strictly on your device for your privacy.

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