All paintings are hand done by the artist. 

      -         The medium is acrylic paint on a fine grain canvas or a high quality watercolour paper. 

      -         The client will own the original. All copyright remains with the artist.

-         Prices for paintings are dependant on the size, complexity and number of figures. Average sizes start around 12"x18" for $1500; 30"x40", which start at $3500 -$5000 on up. Smaller or larger sizes can be discussed. 

-     Payment could be half and half (50% at the beginning and the remaining upon completion) or in thirds, with the delivery of the painting after the last instalment. There is a non-refundable deposit of 25% at the beginning of each commission with subsequent payments made at corresponding stages of completion. Images of each stage of completion will be provided upon request. The client is responsible for cost of shipping.

-         Pencil Drawings. 

-         Drawings are all in pencil. Other mediums can be discussed. Prices range from $300 on up depending on size and complexity. 

-         A formal contract will be provided for each commission.

-         Click here to contact Tommy. 

-         Copyright information. 

-          All Art of Divine Mercy artwork on this web site is copyright Tommy Canning. Reproduction, transmission, storage or other usage is forbidden without prior permission of the artist.

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