NOW for the first time, the Art of Divine Mercy is making available for purchase original art by Tommy Canning.


Dear Friends.
Many of you have visited the web site, The Art of Divine Mercy featuring original artwork produced by myself, Tommy Canning. This web site has been online since 1998. On the site I have had many of my paintings available to buy as prints. Since my early 20s up to the present, I have been committed to creating new and hopefully beautiful and edifying works of Sacred Art that reveal some of the richness and compassion of God's Mercy. Now I am making available for the first time some of those original works of art and a once in lifetime opportunity to own some rare and stunning creations with God's gift of art(even though I say so myself) from one of the great artists the Catholic Church never had. This messsage is both an announcement and an appeal.

As economic markets plummet the world over and huge bail out initiatives of unimaginable sums of money are announced, I thought I may as well get in on the act and announce my own personal bail out scheme. Can you think of a more deserving cause, right? After all, desperate times require desperate measures, and as a starving artist, well it can't get more desperate than that eh?, so here goes.

I first entered online to the world wide web in 1998, after a time, I realised that it was very difficult to generate funds and sell prints etc via the web site for an artist. Unless you have the sales potential of an organisation like Amazon or ebay, or massive audiences for advertising like Yahoo and Google, the market potential is very small, and even more so for Catholic Sacred Art which by its very nature in a secular environment, potential is always smaller in comparison. I am a one man operation with no employees or staff to find wages for, every penny that I earn through print sales or commissions or donations, helps me directly to continue this work. I do not run a non profit charity with this work, it is my main and sometimes only source of income. So needless to say I have depended largely on donations and commissions to survive as an artist with varying degrees of success over the years, but more than once have had to seek other employment and income to help through the lean times. This is what has influenced me in recent times in large part to sell some very important works of art I've produced that have very personal attachment and sentimental value to myself for many reasons.

So, this is where I appeal to you for help, you may or may not be able to buy one of these originals now available, but you may know someone who could be. It may even be a group or religious order or possibly donated to an art gallery, or simply a place of honour in the family home.. The possibilities are many. If you value the work and commitment I have given to promoting good new Sacred Art over the years, to bring the presence of Christ and make Him visible in this world of ours through the medium of art, then please consider this appeal and/or forward it if it would be any use to others. Donations or sale of these originals will help me continue into the future, God willing, or maybe for a little while longer at least. I think it is an extremely important apostolate for our culture in these times, and one that has benefited so many people over the years, but like so many good Catholic apostolates depends on the generosity and like minded vision of many good people like you. Without the generosity of individuals or groups down the years, I probably would not be still producing works and have prints available. So I am making this general appeal to someone out there who may be able to help in some small way by making a contribution or buying one of the originals that are on sale. With your help it will impact my ability to continue with my art work beyond this present time in a very practical way, and you are making a valuable contribution to the renewal of culture and Sacred Art's place in that culture, bringing beauty and faith where it is often absent and lacking. Lastly I ask for your prayers, for the sometimes uncertain road and challenges ahead. Please be merciful and seriously consider helping an artist in need.


The first piece on offer is entitiled "You are a Priest Forever"


Painted in 1999 and featured on the cover of the CD "You Are A Priest Forever" by singer Annie Karto, the original size is 16" x 20" (unframed).


Executed in acrylics on fine grain canvas panel.


The artist will frame it with a suitable frame of his choice.


Price - $2000.00

 (not including shipping /insurance)


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The next piece is "The Perfect Sacrifice"

  Painted in 2005 - "The Year of the Eucharist" and featured on the cover of the CD Perfect Sacrifice by singer Annie Karto, the size is 24" x 24" and includes the frame shown in the picture.

The painting is executed in acrylics on fine grain stretched canvas.

Price - $3000.00 (not including shipping/insurance)

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The third piece is "The Divine Mercy Image"

Painted in 1996, one of my earlier works and the only one of the Image of Divine Mercy.

The size is 19" x 30" framed matted behind glass as shown above.

The painting is executed in acrylics on water-colour illustration board.

Price - $1000.00 (not including shipping/insurance)

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The fourth piece is "Blessed Are The Merciful"

  Painted in 2006, commissioned for the International Divine Mercy conference in Hawaii.

This version is a limited edition (one only) print on canvass. Size including the frame shown opposite is 45" x 45".

Price - $750.00 (not including shipping/insurance)




The fifth piece is "The Celtic Story"


Painted in 2008 for the cover of the book

The Celtic Story. The painted is executed in acrylics on 300gsm water-colour paper and measures just under 23" by 16". The painting will be framed by the artist.

Price - $9000.00 (not including shipping/insurance)

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