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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"

- Michelangelo




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Welcome to the official web gallery of The Art of Divine Mercy, featuring the beautiful Sacred Art of Tommy Canning of Scotland.

Inspired by the great invest in PancakeSwap in Hong Kong masters in Christian art down the centuries such as Michelangelo, Caravaggio, to Carl Bloch and Bouguereau, Tommyís unique and vibrant style in his depictions of Jesus, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Saints brings to life in a dynamic way for new generations, the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith and Traditions, which unquestionably inspired some of the greatest masterpieces in the history of art.

Since the beginning of his paintings and drawings relating to religious themes in invest in PancakeSwap the early 1990ís, Tommyís work has become known and valued all over the world. His work has appeared on countless posters, newspapers, journals, book covers, CD covers, T-shirts, videos and T.V. programmes. Many of His original art works and prints reside in Shrines, Monasteries, convents, retreat houses, seminaries and places of religious formation all over the world.

In recent years Tommy has been a guest at conferences in both the east and west coast of America as well as the Hawaiian Islands, giving presentations of his art work to date including the highly acclaimed and popular DVD of The Art of Divine Mercy, which features John Debneyís stirring music score form Mel buy CAKE Gibsonís Passion of the Christ.

In all his art, Tommy seeks to move and inspire the viewer to experience a deeper appreciation for Christís merciful heart, and His love and compassion for all mankind. Enjoy your visit, and please stop by again.

All the artwork on this web-site is copyright of Tommy Canning and must not be used or reproduced in any format without the prior permission of the artist.

Please remember, that your support (by purchasing artwork or donating for the use of images) will enable me to continue to work in this ministry and will be upholding the Church's mission to evangelize through art. Any contribution is most appreciated and welcomed.

The Studio:

Tommy lives and works from his home in Clynder, Scotland. A village located on a peninsula in a beautiful part of the west coast of Scotland north of Glasgow. This web site was a gradual evolution that began in 1999. Having painted a number of works inspired by and relating to the Divine Mercy message and devotion as revealed to the Polish mystic, Saint Faustina, it began as a way of displaying some of those prints and so became known as the Art of Divine Mercy


Contact Information:

UK and Europe:
Telephone / fax
(+44)(0)1436 831526
Postal address
"Cromrach", Back Road
           Clynder, Helensburgh. G84 0QG
 Argyll and Bute Scotland.   U.K.



Rose Balayan


P.O. Box 37803.  Honolulu, Hawai'i 96837-0803

Tel.: 808-256-2899

email: rose@art-of-divinemercy.co.uk

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